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In Havelock North, New Zealand, local Maori legend has it that a giant by name of Rongokako was tasked with biting a pathway through the hills to Waimarama to prove his love of the cheiftainess, Hinerakau of the Heretaunga tribe - a feat that would allow him to marry her. Upon biting the mountain, Rongokako choked and died as a piece of rock wedged in his throat. Hinerakau was so saddened by his death that she threw herself off the highest point, Te Mata Peak, creating a valley at the base of the cliff, which was formed when she struck the earth. To this day, looking across Havelock North, you can see the outline of the mighty giant where he fell, named Te Mata-o-Rongokako (the face of Rongokako) whom the settlers likened to a sleeping giant.

THE SLEEPING GIANT                                         

THE SLEEPING GIANT                                         

I was brought up in Havelock North, a village at the foot of Te Mata Peak, where my family continues to live today. The photos of the hills you see on my website were taken from the peak, on a visit home that inspired the name of this company. Whenever I return to New Zealand I am reminded of my roots, of the importance of family and of the profound creativity that this beautiful landscape and its Maori history, inspire in me.


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