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Are you an Architect, Designer or construction industry professional? Let’s work together to accelerate your personal, professional and organisational performance.


  • Increase confidence, motivation, energy or influence

  • Embed self-awareness

  • Unlock knowledge and unleash imagination

  • Transition in your career

  • Achieve professional goals

  • Develop effective leadership skills

  • Build collaborative and trusting teams

  • Define clear business objectives

  • Make efficient and appropriate decisions

Hi, I’m Karen Fugle, an Executive Coach and LEGO Serious Play Facilitator. Having worked in the architectural sector for over 20 years, I can definitely relate to your unique set of motivations and challenges in the design world.


With a free, no-obligation discussion (phone or Skype). We discuss your challenge, what coaching is/isn't and whether it's the right course of action for you. The hardest part can be picking up the phone. No fear though, it's a good conversation! 

E. karen@sleepinggiant-consulting.com   M. +44 (0) 77628 11703


Using a combination of listening, questioning, observation and feedback, we have conversations that are rich in insight and learning. You will raise your self-awareness - about how you work, what motivates you and what holds you back. Together we will develop strategies that overcome challenges and move you onwards and upwards. 

Read my Coaching Case Studies or download PDF: What is Coaching

Contact Karen Fugle today to learn how SleepingGiant can help you.
E. karen@sleepinggiant-consulting.com   M. +44 (0) 77628 11703