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"People don't grow by accident. They grow by design."    


"Karen, guided me through the motions of making difficult decisions in a process that allowed me to transition more smoothly to the next step. Her positivity, presence and support was very important for me to get me through this crucial stage of my career."
Architect, London

"The feedback from the directors on their coaching sessions has been very positive. Your skill in ensuring everyone had the space to discuss long held issues in a safe and supportive environment has very much helped."
Business Operations Director, Architectural Firm, London

"Karen is a great coach, open to all issues of any kind, whether work or personal related. Really helps to talk things through, to help you in a variety of situations and to gain clarity of your own thoughts and in your own internal processes and procedures."
Director, Construction Services, London

"To think that 6 months after we concluded our sessions that I would be presenting to board members and the CEO of a significant project as part of a bidding process is a great testament to what we achieved."
Associate Architect, London

"My sessions with Karen were extremely helpful and ultimately product in giving me the opportunity to step back and critically reflect on my personal and professional approach to my business."
Business Owner, Senior Architect, USA

"Dreams will stay as dreams, until the inner conscience is awoken to take actions. Thank you for showing me the way."
Senior Architect, London

"It's valuable to have these leadership discussions with an independent professional regardless of how well things are going in working life.

It has given me greater confidence in my current role and helped me evaluate my future career trajectory. [Coaching] offers a valuable insight into preconceptions about working structure, personal effectiveness and responsibility. I found the whole experience very valuable."
Associate, Grimshaw Architects, London

"My coaching experience was 5/5: excellent. I would be more than happy to recommend Karen to anyone who is looking for coaching."
Tal Ben-Amar, Partner, Pilbrow & Partners, London

"Prior to working with Karen, I'd not had any experience with a coach. I engaged with SleepingGiant Consulting so that I could achieve some long term career goals that had previously seemed unattainable. Karen was able to provide me with tools from the onset that helped me identify the obstacles in my way and affect changes that I could make easily and immediately. Continued work on the analysis of my drivers and workstyles allowed me to understand my ways of working so that I could recognize what old habits were holding me back and those which I could use to drive me forward. Karen has provided me with a framework not only for working steadily towards my goals, but also for creating and maintaining a more positive and balanced life. I always feel inspired after my sessions with Karen and look forward to mapping out future goals with her."
Etain Fitzpatrick, Senior Architectural Designer, London

"I feel like a different person. It's not a false confidence, it's genuine."
Associate, Grimshaw Architects, London

"Twelve months ago, when I had no idea how I was going to fund a commercial wind turbine, I started coaching with Karen. Today it is operational and creating great returns on my investment! 

I came into the coaching relationship with no pre-conceptions - I knew that saying yes would put me on a journey. Coaching has helped me to scope out the distractions and understand what is important. I have moved my business in leaps and bounds and am now on a path where I can see how to grow my company and create wealth. The overriding benefit though, has been the increase in my self-belief and confidence. A year on, it has been remarkable looking back and realising how much I have changed. 
Andrew Clifford, Sustainable Design Director, Clifford.Atkins, London

"I found myself at a turning point in my career with the choice to develop my own architecture practice or to return to working in a larger architecture practice.   Each pathway in had its own clear advantages and possible challenges. Conversations with Karen helped me identify my core values and how they fit best within these different types of practice.  Karen helped me see things from a different angle, used tools to help demonstrate possibilities and always kept me looking forward.

I felt that Karen's past experience was as important as her coaching credibility, as I didn't have to explain the politics of an architectural office. I recommend Karen's coaching to any architect/mums who need clarity."
Senior Architect & Mother of two, London

"I connected with Karen at a time when I wished to revisit my business goals for the year ahead. We used a Business Model Canvas to get a good visual overview of my entire business. This allowed me to focus on re-affirming my business mission, work values and to reassess my marketing channel. Coaching also enabled me to see how my passions for furniture, travel and food could feed into my business. I appreciated Karen's organisational skills, which helped me to create the structure I needed to prioritise my goals, and interestingly, to also map intangibles such as motivation and commitment. 

I have come away with a clearer idea of what I offer and also a stronger sense of how I work and who I am as a business owner. Karen is grounded and honest  - I recommend working with her if you are more than capable, but would appreciate some deep thinking and challenging discussions to move you forward."
Nataliya Langhorne, Director & Interior Designer, Creative Atelier Design, London

"Having previously worked with Karen in her role as a mentor, I was interested in how her shift to coaching would benefit our relationship and my business. The approach used in coaching is considerably different and when I speak about how Karen works I say that she is a good listener. What I mean is more than listening though - Karen transitions what I say into very effective and productive outcomes. For instance, I have started a coaching session feeling overwhelmed, stressed and behind in work, but ended it excited, focused and in control.  

I now have a clearer, more visual, sense of what my business means to me and how I work within it. I have more ways in which to help myself structure my work and prioritise activities and have developed a higher level of self-awareness that I did not possess before. Even my friends have noticed and remarked about the positive change in me. Without this coaching journey I might have been taking on advice but not doing a lot with it. Coaching has enabled me to work according to my own needs and values and I am now buying out another business - a goal that I could not have envisioned a year ago."
Business Owner, Bristol

Client Survey Feedback:

How would you (or did you) describe your coaching experience?

"Relaxed atmosphere, non judgemental, got me thinking about things that I had not considered, wanted to pursue the journey further."

"It was a thought provoking experience that really prompted me to take serious action, with the direction I discovered through the process."

"Positive, time to think and get a new perspective."

"This is the first time I have experienced coaching and I found it an interesting experience."

What would you tell to colleagues who were considering coaching?

"They have options and opportunities to change, and there are guiding hands out there to help them along the way."

"I like the openness of the conversations; it makes you face the truth."

"I believe it has made me more optimistic towards my future, thus giving me more belief and confidence to follow my dreams".

"Karen is a great coach, very patient and really thinks about her clients needs to help them focus."

"I like the way Karen used intelligent and open questions to help me find an answer to a question. Karen has a humorous, light touch to working which is helpful when things are tough. Best of all, I really appreciated Karen's clear-headed, practical approach to helping me find business solutions that work."

"[Coaching] helped me understand my role and responsibilities and ultimately how to delegate more effectively."

"[I] developed accountability for my own actions and created focus and commitment to making a change."

"It was a wonderful self-discovery tour, and now I feel that I have a more effective toolkit to continue to grow professionally."

"Karen's great as a business coach. She has the right mix of a clear thinking practical approach and a positive, encouraging presence."

"I could see my confidence grow and I am more effective at using my strengths."

"Give it a go - with the right coach, you stand to learn what you want in life (and it might not be what you think it is!) and what makes you tick, how you work best. It helps you gain clarity out of the muddle of everyday life."

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