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Business Model Canvas Workshop for the BIID

I’m delighted to be partnering with the BIID (British Institute of interior Design) to bring their members two engaging workshops on how to use the Business Model Canvas to plan their business model.


We start our own businesses, not because we are great at business, but because we are good at what we do and need the flexibility or autonomy to work the way we want to. It is said that about 60% of designers don’t have a business plan and this means we often lose sight of the bigger picture!

A Business Model Canvas is a visual way of documenting your business model. It is a chart with elements describing your business’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances. It pulls you out of everyday detail and gives you a broad holistic view. 

In this workshop we will: 

  • Clarify your business vision

  • Use the canvas to understand the reality of your business structure right now

  • Find and review the gaps in your business strategy

  • Discover how to use your canvas to address business priorities, innovate and niche


17th Oct 10am-1pm

17th Oct 2pm-5pm