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International Coaching Week 29th April -3rd May 2019

International Coaching Week is when coaches around the world offer a variety of activities and pro-bono services in their local communities to share coaching’s impact and its benefits firsthand. During this week, individuals and organisations all over the world are encouraged to understand and explore and to test and discover the possibilities that coaching provides. 

To celebrate International Coaching Week 2019, I am offering you the opportunity to experience a free 90min Career Coaching Session! 

Now is your chance to see how coaching could help you make that shift in your career. Everyone has their own goal, their own challenge and sometimes it just doesn't get the traction you need. Which is where a coach can provide real benefit. I provide you with confidential support, a new perspective and ask you the questions that you can't ask yourself. 

If you have not experienced coaching before and are:

  • Working in the Construction industry

  • In a mid-to-senior level, in a leadership role or work for yourself

  • Have a genuine reason/motivation for wanting to receive coaching

Great! Then all you need to do is:

  • Register your interest by emailing me ("International Coaching Week Offer" in the subject line) before or during International Coaching Week (29th April-3rd May 2019).

  • Tell me a bit about your situation and why you'd like coaching.

Places are limited so get in quick!*

Email me at


Do you have a friend or colleague that might be interested? 

Please pass on this wonderful opportunity! Tell your friends, colleagues, employees to contact me and don't forget to tell them to mention your name.


*Confirmed sessions are either conducted in-person (central London) or by Skype, at my discretion and must be calendarised within 2 weeks of acceptance and take place within 2 months.