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5 Reasons to Partner with Karen this Year

1. Improve Your Strategic Thinking

Under the guise of productivity - meetings, emails, over-commitment - you will probably have squeezed out any valuable thinking time. As a consequence rushed decision making tends to be based on what has happened before - more reflexive rather than reflective. Dedicated time talking with me gives you thinking space to create connections, to see alternatives and future opportunities, as well as providing a safe space to explore any gaps.

"It's valuable to have these leadership discussions with an independent professional regardless of how well things are going in working life."*

2. Hit The Ground Running

Change can happen fast, especially if you are thrown into a new role or have returned from extended leave. We can all feel susceptible to criticism, lacking confidence or feel pressured to contribute more than we can. And a lot of us will relate to experiencing role conflictions, balancing design work + management. I can support you in fulfilling your own expectations as well as others. An increase in self-awareness will bring you confidence and help you feel calmer, more focused.

"I could see my confidence grow and I am more effective at using my strengths."

3. Stop Distractions From Stopping You

Like me, you may be someone who likes to "get the job done". You don't think of getting help, independence is your middle name. You've got goals, but when it comes down to it, stuff just gets in the way. You might be a 'people pleaser' - saying yes to others and putting your own needs last. Or it could be that you haven't found the motivation to get started or keep going. Engaging me as your coach sends out an immediate signal of commitment, to yourself and to others. I can act as an accountability partner - and give you that occasional kick up the pants!

"[I] developed accountability for my own actions and created focus and commitment to making a change."

4. Pointing Out What You Cannot See

We all have a unique way of seeing ourselves that is shaped by our underlying values and beliefs. A conversation with me is like holding up a mirror up to yourself. Is your body language congruent to what you say? How does your team see you? Are your thoughts in focus or out of focus? With my coaching you can practise new behaviours, try out conversations and even step into the future!

"[Coaching} helped me understand my role and responsibilities and ultimately how to delegate more effectively."

5. Support From Someone Outside The Process

Our thinking and actions are impacted by the culture we work in and the experiences we carry with us. Influenced by a landscape that includes your colleagues, team, company, friends and family, it is easy to feel bogged down in ifs and buts. Getting my support - from outside the process - can help you gain clarity and firm up decisions.

"Karen helped me see things from a different angle, used tools to help demonstrate possibilities and always kept me looking forward."

OK, so coaching won't suit everyone, you have to be committed to change, learning and growth. Plus, there needs to be a right fit between myself and coachee for trust to develop and be maintained. But for those who do choose to partner with me, the benefits can be numerous.

If you would like to know more then please drop me an email.