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SleepingGiant Consulting Achieves ISO9001: 2015 Certification

Yippee! I'm pleased to announce that SleepingGiant is stepped up the game to embrace risk based thinking, and as a result has been certified as ISO9001: 2015 compliant.

Why on earth do I do this, you ask? Because structure has always been a business value of mine. Since there is only one person in this company, to make sure I meet that value, I need to be held accountable by an external company. This certification ensures that I work ON my business:  constantly strive to improve it and ask myself the questions I would normally sidestep as too-hard. It makes me happy to have a strong foundation for running my business. 

In return this gives you, my clients, better quality of services, a consistant approach and a commitment to give greater value. And that makes me, and hopefully you, happy too.