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I've been Interviewed by "Design Management Consultancy"

I've been interviewed by Lee-Ann Adendorff from the recently launched website: Design Management Consultancy: Design and Technical Resource for UK Construction Professionals. 

The DMC is a hub for all design and technical managers in the UK construction industry. There is currently no association or fellowship to bring DM’s together, and the DMC should serve to provide a central place to discuss issues arising (there is a forum on its way), read latest news, find a job, and also share any stories or opinions. This site is intended to be collaborative and informative.

Founder, Lee-Ann Adendorff, is a consultant design manager who has worked with some of the leading main contractors and developers in the UK. Currently compiling a CPD Diploma for Design Management in the UK Construction Industry, Lee-Ann also offers in-house training, workshops and one-to-one mentoring.

Check it out: