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Strategise with the Business Model Canvas

This Friday I'll be running a workshop with Siobhan Casey, founder of Métier Rendezvous (a member’s networking club for interior designers) and the newly formed Métier Academy. We'll be showing designers how to use the Business Model Canvas to visualise their business model, strategise, innovate and question. 

A Business Model Canvas is a visual way of documenting your business model. It is a chart with elements describing your business’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances. 


Lost already? This quick 2 min video will give you an overview of the 9 building blocks of your business. Using the Canvas to look at your business, delivers three things:

·     Focus: Stripping away pages of written ‘stuff’ in a traditional business plan, the BMC gives you a strategic overview, helping you to focus on what’s driving your business and highlighting what is non-essential.

·     Flexibility: It’s a lot easier to tweak your business model and try things (from a planning perspective) with a visual overview that’s sitting on a single page.

·     Transparency: Your team will have a much easier time understanding your business model and be much more likely to buy into your vision when they can see it clearly before them. 

This workshop takes you through each section of the canvas so that you build up a clear picture of your business where it is at today. With Siobahn's hands-on knowledge of Interior Design start-up management and Karen Fugle's executive coaching experience, from working exclusively with Architects and  Interior Designers, you will be prompted to explore and question the canvas - your business model.

Karen Fugle, who uses the canvas with clients, says: “Let’s face it, as designers who aren’t trained in business, the whole idea of a written business plan is daunting. And if you are one of the few who wrote one, is it languishing in a file somewhere, never to be looked at again? 

Without getting stuck into the nitty-gritty of detail, this visual strategic overview will come as a welcome relief. You will understand your business holistically, with added clarity and be able to talk about it with improved confidence. This is the business plan template for designers.“

If you are interested in more information then please get in touch to register your interest - we have a waitlist for the next workshop.