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"...The best design decisions are the product of challenge and innovation, not necessarily of consensus and acceptance. And the most successful practices rely on diversity of thought to create innovative ideas and offer broad and ambitious services. This can only be achieved within a working culture where differences are valued, encouraged and respected."  - Jane Duncan, RIBA J, Oct 2015

One way of encouraging diversity is to keep in touch with those that leave the industry and by encouraging and supporting them on return. Returners can offer maturity and experience from their time spent outside of the industry and their level of enthusiasm will often set them apart from other job applicants. 

Specialist architectural recruitment agency Bespoke are leading the way with their "Back to Work" events for extended leave returners. I'll be joining them to speak about the journey to social visibility and getting up and running on LinkedIn.

Please pass this onto anyone you know that is considering or planning a return to architecture.  Join me, along with RIBA Diversity champion Virginia Newman and other notable speakers, on Thursday the 12th November, 2015. Register here: