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Lunch Workshop: Understanding Your Values

  • Time: 1 hr 
  • People: up to 20 £165
  • Location: London, your office
  • Please contact Karen@sleepinggiant-consulting for booking


Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. They (should) determine your priorities, and, deep down, they're probably the measures you use to tell if your life is turning out the way you want it to.

This workshop is stand-alone or a good follow-up workshop to the Resilience Workshop, which introduces values as a key capability in maintaining your resilience through life's difficult periods. 

As a coach, values form an important part in my work with clients in aspects of their decision making and especially in career choices. When the things that you do and the way you behave match your values, life is usually good – you're satisfied and content. But when these don't align with your personal values, that's when things feel... wrong. This can be a real source of unhappiness.

This is why making a conscious effort to identify your values is so important.


  • Understand what Values are and how they help you
  • Identify your values
  • Understand the different types of values
  • Define the real meaning behind your values and look at how that translates into concrete behaviour
  • Introduce your values in written and verbal communication
  • Identify the (perceived or real) company values and discuss findings 

Earlier Event: January 1
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