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Lunch Workshop: Personal Resilience

  • Time: 1 hr 
  • People:  up to 20 £165
  • Location: London, your office
  • Please contact Karen@sleepinggiant-consulting for booking


In the construction industry we read and hear about designing for resilient cities or how to incorporate resilience as a design objective. We are constantly reminded of how important this is in times of economic downturn, natural disasters, resource fluctuations and other events worldwide. I'd like to bring this back to a personal level so that resilience is first understood in terms of the individual. 

My work with coaching clients has an underlying thread of increasing resilience and it makes a huge difference to how we recover, move forward and how quickly. There will always be challenges that knock us in our career - such as promotion, redundancy, illness, new job or stretching out of our comfort zone.

Knowing where your resilience strengths and weakness lie, is important in an industry where the retention of women in senior roles is especially significant. 

This workshop will help you understand what resilience is and how you can uncover and develop your own resources so that you are better equipped to cope with the inevitable challenges you will face in your work and life. 


  • Understand what resilience is and is not
  • Score themselves on the resilience questionnaire
  • Understand the the 5 capabilities model of resilience and their meaning
  • Understand the link between our identity and resilience
  • Go through their career and pull out resiliency losses/ gains and notice any patterns
  • Know strategies/tips for resiliency gain 


"Simple, clear and assertive session."

"Great experience for reflecting on past experiences, both positive and negative and finding out ways of gaining perspective."

"A preliminary insight into methods of improving my own personal and professional goals – I left feeling positive."

"We really appreciated your time on delivering such a worthwhile bite-sized interactive session on a subject relevant to all."

"Great course, we need more of those."