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Presence in the Workplace

  • For: Construction industry professionals who wish to make more of an impact, feel more confident speaking, be more mindful of boundaries, hold your space and engage people  authentically.  
  • Location: Herman Miller Ltd, 61 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4AE, England
  • £80
  • Eventbrite: REGISTER HERE

Immerse yourself for a day of playful exploration of presence and get ready to elevate your professional life. Bringing you a dynamic combination of executive coaching and physical theatre, Karen Fugle and Andrea Foa' will help you discover your unique presence and let it radiate.

Your “presence” affects everything you do. Your presence dictates whether the meticulous work you've put into your design will engage the client. It decides whether your team will share your vision and help you realise it. It allows you to stand up and be counted. It makes you engaging as an authentic speaker

It is your presence that will mean you are remembered.  

The air between us is not an empty space, but is made up of particles that need to be 'charged" in order for communication to travel. Through a structured series of exercises and games, you will learn practical techniques that will allow you to use your posture, body language and voice, to charge the space and enhance your presence. In a safe environment, you'll develop a self-awareness of the role you play as both speaker and listener and how both play a part in collaboration, influence and leadership.


  • See how your presence affects everything you say and do
  • Learn to recognise your own and other people's boundaries and how to communicate them
  • Learn techniques to remain calm and deliver under pressure
  • Increase your ability to influence others by changing your listening from passive to active
  • Learn how to be comfortable with improvising when the unexpected arises
  • Empower your storytelling and engage your audience

Workshop leads:

Andrea Foà: Andrea Foa' is a physical theatre practitioner, contemporary clown, martial artist and journalist. Drawing from the transformative power of embodiment and play, Andrea provides customised, experiential training that is learned kinaesthetically, thus producing a knowledge that does not just sit in the brain, but is already in action. Find out more about Andrea at

Karen Fugle: Karen is an executive coach and LEGO Serious Play facilitator who specialises in working with architects and designers. Karen draws from a variety of concepts, models and principles from coaching, psychological, neuroscience, behavioural or management backgrounds. These help enhance your self-awareness, foster shifts in perspectives and provide you with frameworks for looking at challenges, opportunities to inspire, re-energise and invoke progress.  

Karen changes the way you listen. Andrea changes the way you do.


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