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"Increased self-awareness is now recognised as a characteristic essential to career success
and improved executive leadership". 

The Korn Ferry Institute 

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is rapid, effective, business focused and aimed at mid to senior levels of management; team leaders, associates, directors and partners.

1:1 Executive coaching

Coaching is conducted on a 1:1 basis and typically runs for six sessions (a 1.5hr session every 3-4 weeks). We work together on agreed targets to develop your individual performance capabilities and to achieve organisational results. Time between sessions allows you to think, reflect. practice new behaviours and carry out intended actions. 

Additional activities or resources,  to help you achieve your goals, might be recommended between scheduled sessions.  These may include relevant articles, questionnaires, assessments or models that support the thinking or actions of you or your company. 

All coaching operates under a confidentiality agreement and within each coaching session, at coaching midpoints and at completion, there is opportunity to give and receive feedback on the coaching journey. 

1:1 Intensive Executive Coaching

If coaching over an extended time period is not for you, then intensive half-day coaching will get you to the heart of the matter quickly, enabling you to move onwards with more self-awareness and clarity of purpose. This is good for:

  • Leaders wanting an intensive exploration into self-awareness and leadership skills
  • Those returning from long-term or maternity leave 
  • Those placed under grievance or are made redundant
  • Those who are faced with an immediate role change or transition

Executive coaching in a Group format

Executive coaching - with the focus on the individual - can take place in a small group format (3-4 people). Each member takes a turn to be the focal client whilst other group members act as an additional coaching resource. This method is cost effective and good for peer groups (e.g. team leaders, women in architecture, associates). Coaching is typically run for six sessions (a 2hr session every 3-4 weeks).

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Who is executive coaching for?

Senior leaders  | focus, strategy, change

As a director, partner, or a senior staff member you may be confident taking on new tasks, and may feel that an objective, independent point of view would help achieve a new level of performance. You may also find that by developing a higher level of self-awareness, you will acquire and sharpen skills needed to lead, invoke change and articulate your business vision.  

Women leaders  | support, stretch, voice

As a woman in senior management, you want to feel confident articulating ideas and views from team to board level. Exploring your working style in a safe and supportive environment would help you achieve a new level of performance. As a role model and leader, coaching equips you with strategies to overcome obstacles, fostering a strong sense of self-belief.

Support during critical transition points helps you to navigate change, such as moving from mid- to senior-level management, or when decelerating your career to start a family. Self-awareness, conscious behaviour, stretching your comfort zone and active career management are competencies for your success.

Maternity or long-leave returner  | confidence, resilience, balance

Returning from maternity leave, you’d like to hit the ground running and increase your visibility in the office. Increasing your confidence and heightening resilience levels will positively impact your return to professional life. Relationship management is key, along with maintaining balance and flexibility.

Associates and senior designers  | structure, mobility, growth

You may have specific personal or business objectives to meet, along with a desire for forward mobility. Whether focusing on career advancement or balancing external commitments, you’ll want a sound structure for achieving your goals and a coaching partnership that will help you manage the transition and grow

Team leaders  | delegation, appreciation, enquiry

As an architect responsible for leading or managing a team, coaching can involve looking at data-driven 360° feedback, developing your strengths and exploring areas that would benefit from improvement or change. Discussions may be around personal communication, delegation, appreciation and conflict scenarios. 

Initial meeting

I find it important to initially meet face to face, to establish a mutual level of trust and credibility, thus I start with a free introductory/chemistry meeting. But, given that I also coach long-distance clients, we can also meet via Skype if preferred. At this stage we will:

  • Discuss your current opportunities and challenges
  • Define the scope of the relationship
  • Identify priorities for action
  • Establish specific desired goals; and
  • Establish the type of coaching that is right for you

Call me for a chat about your goals today!

  • Clarify and set objectives
  • Align vision and goals
  • Develop clearer communication skills
  • Improve working relationships
  • Resolve conflict scenarios
  • Enhance team performance
  • Refine business processes
  • Improve personal effectiveness as a leader
  • Focus on promotion prospects or career advancement 


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